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The history of Everything X-ray reads like the history of x-ray itself.
It all started in 1909…


At the age of 28, Cuthbert Andrews, printer, salesman, milk analyst and microscopist was working with his colleague Geoffrey Pearce of Watsons, the Holborn instrument makers, providing a mobile x-ray service to London hospitals.

Loading a ‘portable’ x-ray unit complete with lead acid batteries and gas tube into a hansom cab, they would proceed at a gallop to the customer’s premises, set up, supervise the whole process and return to base acid stained and radiation exposed, to await the next call.




In 1909 Mullers of Hamburg, one of the original manufacturers of x-ray tubes decided that the time had come to open up the UK market. With this in mind, they approached Watsons who in turn pointed them at Cuthbert as being a suitable candidate to organise a factory and act as general manager.

Cuthbert, full of youthful enthusiasm, and sure that his x-ray experience was more than sufficient to qualify him for the endeavour, accepted the challenge. With £100 capital supplied by Mullers, electrodes, soda glass and glass blowers imported from Hamburg, production began in June 1910. Cuthbert Andrews, General Manager, earning £3.00 a week and a small commission, was on his way.

Over the following 95 years, the many changes can be chronicled as follows:


World War 1 and the confiscation of Muller (London) by the Custodian of Enemy Property results in a frantic search for funds, culminating in Cuthbert’s purchase of the company for £225.00


The first of many Andrews x-ray tube catalogues published



Cuthbert elected to the Council of the British Institute of Radiology


He is invited to take tea with a leading group of Radiologists and Physicists. From this springs the British X-ray and Radium Protection Committee, the first such body in the world, which is to serve with increasing authority until 1953. Most of the standards regarding operating safety today are based on its early work and many have continued without alteration


Richard Andrews joins the firm in charge of gas tube repairs


The first Everything X-ray catalogue issued. The name is chosen to reflect the increasing space devoted to accessories and sundries



Cuthbert elected honorary member of the Society of Radiographers


World War 2. The firm is provided with a 24 hour guard as the only practical manufacturer of x-ray tubes in the British Empire. Portex x-ray units, carried by all ships, from destroyers upwards, in the British Navy


With the advent of the National Health Service, and the rotating anode tube, a decision is made to stop tube production, and concentrate attention on x-ray and darkroom accessories. Richard is taken into full time partnership, having served as General Manager for many years.


The British Institute of Radiology elects Cuthbert to their Presidency. The only president so far to have no qualifications after his name



Cuthbert is made honorary member of the Society of Radiographers, and delivers the first Welbeck Memorial Lecture. The British Institute of Radiology confer on him honorary membership


At the age of 90. Cuthbert dies, until recently active in the business, and still deeply involved in x-ray matters, leaving his son Richard as sole proprietor


In view of the danger of draconian death duties levied on one owner companies, Everything X-ray Ltd is floated with family and staff as shareholders.


With 56 years service under his belt, Richard feels that now is the time to ease off, and happily accepts a ‘management buyout’ bid, which leaves Gina Imerini as the major shareholder. She invites Nic Thorogood (Richard’s nephew) to join her. Richard retains a small balance of shares.



Richard continues as chairman and still remains active despite 61 years at the helm.


Richard, Gina and Nic ask long term customers father and son Pat and Steve Dorrell of Veterinary X-rays if they would be interested in a company buyout. With the deal sealed with the customary handshake, the company moves from its Bushey base to its new home in Seer Green in Buckinghamshire.


Bursting at the seams as the business expands, Everything X-ray moves lock stock and barrel to purpose designed premises in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.


Drawn by the calm and leafy environment, Everything X-ray move to newly built premises in Princes Risborough, where the air is clean and the sun always shines!, just in time to celebrate 100 years of trading.


Having seen the most incredible changes in the x-ray industry in over 60 years in it, Pat Dorrell dies at the age of 93 having maintained his interest in the x-ray business until the very last.

Everything X-ray continues under the ownership of his son Steve.


With analogue imaging almost consigned to history, Everything x-ray launch their first new catalogue in 106 years which doesn’t  feature x-ray film or chemistry in one form or another.